Brady T. West

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Brady T. West is a Research Professor in the Survey Methodology Program, located within the Survey Research Center at the Institute for Social Research on the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor (U-M) campus. He earned his PhD from the Michigan Program in Survey and Data Science in 2011. Before that, he received an MA in Applied Statistics from the U-M Statistics Department in 2002, being recognized as an Outstanding First-year Applied Masters student, and a BS in Statistics with Highest Honors and Highest Distinction from the U-M Statistics Department in 2001. His current research interests include the implications of measurement error in auxiliary variables and survey paradata for survey estimation, selection bias in surveys, responsive/adaptive survey design, interviewer effects, and multilevel regression models for clustered and longitudinal data. He is the lead author of a book comparing different statistical software packages in terms of their mixed-effects modeling procedures (Linear Mixed Models: A Practical Guide using Statistical Software, Third Edition, Chapman Hall/CRC Press, 2022), and he is a co-author of a second book entitled Applied Survey Data Analysis (with Steven Heeringa and Pat Berglund), the second edition of which was published by CRC Press in June 2017.  He was elected as a Fellow of the American Statistical Association in 2022.  Brady lives in Dexter, MI with his wife Laura, his son Carter, and his daughter Everleigh.
Research Interests
Interviewer Effects, Total Survey Error, Uses of Survey Paradata and Auxiliary Variables for Survey Estimation and Operations, Multilevel Modeling, Methods for Repairing Nonresponse Error, Adaptive / Responsive Survey Designs, Applications of Linear Modeling, Statistical Software, Analysis of Complex Sample Survey Data, Applications of Statistics to Sports, Analysis of Clustered and Longitudinal Data Sets
Selected Publications

West, B.T., Little, R.J.A., Andridge, R.R., Boonstra, P.S., Ware, E.B., Pandit, A., and Alvarado-Leiton, F. (2021). Assessing Selection Bias in Regression Coefficients Estimated from Non-Probability Samples, with Applications to Genetics and Demographic Surveys. Annals of Applied Statistics, 15(3), 1556-1581.

West, B.T. and Blom, A.G. (2017). Explaining Interviewer Effects: A Research Synthesis. Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology, 5(2), 175-211.
Heeringa, S.G., West, B.T., and Berglund, P.A. (2017). Applied Survey Data Analysis, Second Edition. Chapman Hall / CRC Press: Boca Raton, FL.
West, B.T., Sakshaug, J.W., and Aurelien, G.A.S. (2016). How Big of a Problem is Analytic Error in Secondary Analyses of Survey Data? PLoS ONE, 11(6), e0158120. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0158120.
West, B.T., Welch, K.B. and Galecki, A.T. (with Contributions from Brenda W. Gillespie) (2022).  Linear Mixed Models: A Practical Guide using Statistical Software, Third Edition.  Chapman Hall / CRC Press: Boca Raton, FL.
Current Research Projects
Health and Retirement Study (co-I, Associate Director)
Network for Advancing Methodological Research in Longitudinal Studies of Aging
Methodologies for Adapting and Personalizing Prevention, Treatment and Recovery Services for SUD and HIV (MAPS Center)
Novel Computational and Statistical Approaches to Regression Problems in the Presence of Linkage Errors
Consortium Coordinating Center for Social, Behavioral, and Economic Research on COVID-19
A New Population-Scale Approach for the Study of Psychological Stress in the Transition to Adulthood
Intergenerational Influences on Marriage, Contraception and Childbearing
Modernizing NCSES Data Collection Approaches
Evaluation of the National Household Food Acquisition and Purchase Survey (FoodAPS), contract with USDA-ERS
Michigan Research Infrastructure for Population Sciences (PI: Sarah Burgard)
Trajectories of Nonmedical Prescription Drug Misuse (PI: Sean McCabe)