The Program in Survey and Data Science Sponsors Program provides companies and university research programs access to well-trained students in survey and data science.  As a Corporate Sponsor, through a gift contribution, companies directly support students enrolled in the masters and Ph.D. programs. Companies have an opportunity to host paid student interns during the summer and to hire graduates after they complete their degrees. University Sponsors directly support students through full funding of a student placed within their program. 

All program sponsors are welcome to present brown bag seminars to students and faculty about their organizations and what it is like to work in them. Some sponsors also elect to present methodological problems which students in the survey methods design seminar work upon. And, once a year, representatives from the sponsoring organizations are invited to a one-day executive briefing where they hear presentations by senior researchers and discuss high-level methodological approaches to survey research and data collection.

For additional information about the Program in Survey and Data Scince Sponsors Program or to become a sponsor, please contact Jill Esau, Assistant Director, Michigan Program in Survey and Data Science, Institute for Social Research, jesau@umich.edu.

2022-2023 Corporate Sponsors


Arlington, Virginia



AIR - American Institutes for Research


New York, New York




Ann Arbor, Michigan




Rockville, Maryland




2022-2023 University Sponsors