Graduate Studies at UM

The University of Michigan offers unparalleled faculty, facilities, and research opportunities in an educational institution that since its inception in 1817 has emphasized upper level undergraduate and graduate level education.  The University of Michigan and the Michigan Program in Survey and Data Science can help you to create your own story.

The University of Michigan offers students one of the top public university graduate schools in the country. It offers graduate students enormous institutional resources that are almost unrivaled by private universities, including highly ranked graduate programs across a wide range of disciplines, extensive library resources including electronic holdings, widely available computing facilities, and research centers conducting research on the cutting edge of many disciplines.

Of particular importance to students interested in the study of survey methodology, the University of Michigan is home to many of the nation's top ranked social science and statistical science departments, fields of study that are foundations for survey and data science.   Michigan departments of SociologyPsychologyPolitical ScienceEconomics, and Anthropology, for example, are ranked nationally in the top tiers of these disciplines. Michigan also has separate departments of Statistics and Biostatistics, both of which are ranked highly in their respective fields as well.

The University of Michigan is a place where quantitative research methods are widely used. Virtually every school or college at the University applies the survey method to its fields of study. Because of the University's breadth of academic disciplines and research programs, students can explore novel ways to develop applications of survey and data science in a variety of fields, including, but not limited to, the social sciences (from Psychology to Economics and Communication Studies), public health (including epidemiology, health services research, and environmental sciences), business administration (such as in market research), and natural resources (from public policy and public attitudes to ecology). Students can apply survey and data science at Michigan to emerging findings and methods in information science (through the School of Information), statistics, the social sciences, and many other fields through study in cognate areas required for the completion of survey and data scinece degree programs.

When considering employment opportunities, students have the resources of one of the largest alumni groups of any university in the country. Michigan alumni are interested in providing new graduates with a rich source of job opportunities and contacts. And a Michigan degree is widely respected because of the quality of educational programs that the University offers.