Sunghee Lee

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Research Associate Professor, ISR

Sunghee Lee is is the director of the Michigan Program in Survey and Data Science. She holds a PhD from the Joint Program in Survey Methodology at the University of Maryland. Before joining the Michigan Program in Survey and Data Science, she served as Survey Methodologist for California Health Interview Survey and an Adjunct Assistant Professor in Biostatistics at UCLA.  Her research interest includes sampling and measurement issues in data collection with linguistic and racial minorities as well as hard-to-reach populations and cross-cultural survey methodology.

Research Interests

Data Collection with Minority Groups, Sampling Hard-To-Reach Populations, Respondent Driven Sampling, Cross-Cultural Survey Methodology, Total Survey Error, Measurement of Subjective Well-Being, Minority Health

Selected Publications

Lee, S., Fredriksen-Goldsen, K., Kim, H.-J., McClain, C., and Suzer-Gurtekin, Z.T. (2018). “Are Sexual Minorities Less Likely to Participate in Surveys? An Examination of Proxy Nonresponse Measures and Associated Biases with Sexual Orientation in a Population-Based Health Survey.” Field Methods. 30 (3): 208–224.

Davis, R., Johnson, T., Lee, S., and Werner, C. (2018). “Why do Latino Survey Respondents Acquiesce? Respondent and Interviewer Characteristics as Determinants of Cultural Patterns of Acquiescence among Latino Survey Respondents.” Cross-Cultural Research, 1-29.

Lee, S., Suzer-Gurtekin, Z.T., Wagner, J. and Valliant, R. (2017). “Total Survey Error and Respondent Driven Sampling: Focus on Nonresponse and Measurement Errors in the Recruitment Process and the Network Size Reports and Implications for Inferences.” Journal of Official Statistics, 33(2), 335-366.

Lee, S., Liu, M., and Hu, M. (2017). “Relationship between Future Time Orientation and Item Nonresponse on Subjective Probability Questions: A Cross-Cultural Analysis.” Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 48(5), 698-717.

Lee, S., McClain, C., Webster, N., and Han, S. (2016). “Question Order Sensitivity of Subjective Well-Being Measures: Focus on Life Satisfaction, Self-Rated Health and Subjective Life Expectancy in Survey Instruments.” Quality of Life Research, 25(10): 2497–2510.

Current Research Projects

Health and Retirement Study

Evaluation of Error Properties and Productivity of Respondent Driven Sampling from Total Survey Error Perspectives

Addressing Acquiescence: Reducing Survey Error to Promote Latino Health

Healthy Michigan Plan CMS Evaluation

Michigan Section 298 Pilot Demonstration Evaluation

Improving Data Capacity for American Indian_Alaska Native (AI_AN) Populations