Zeina Mneimneh

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Assistant Research Scientist ISR

Zeina Mneimneh is an Assistant Research Scientist in the Michigan Program in Survey and Data Science within the Survey Research Center, University of Michigan. She is also the director of the International Survey Unit within SRC, the director of the Data Collection Coordinating Center for the World Mental Health (WMH) Survey initiative and the chair of the executive committee for the International Comparative Survey Design Initiative (CSDI). Mneimneh holds a PhD in Survey and Data Science from University of Michigan. She has more than 18 years of experience in designing, conducting, and overseeing large-scale surveys and has published more than 35 peer-reviewed publications and book chapter.

Current Research Interests

Factors affecting the reporting of sensitive information including interviewer, respondent, and question characteristics, and contextual factors related to the interview setting. Recent work examines the use of paradata to monitor interviewer behavior and the use of social media data for social science research.  

Selected Publications

Mneimneh ZN, Tourangeau R, Heeringa SG, Elliott, MR. Cultural and Interviewer Effects on Interview Privacy: Individualism and National Wealth (2018). Cross Cultural Research.

Mneimneh ZN, Pennell BE, Kelley J., Cibelli, K (2016). Surveys in Societies in Turmoil. In: The Sage Handbook of Survey Methodology. Christof Wolf, Dominique Joye, Tom W Smith and Yang-chih Fu (Eds.). Sage Publications Ltd. Thousand Oaks, CA 91320

Mneimneh ZN, Tourangeau R, Pennell BE, Heeringa SG, Elliott, MR (2015).Cultural Variations in the Effects of Interview Privacy and the Need for Social Conformity on Reporting Sensitive Information. Journal of Official Statistics,  31 (4): 673–697.

Mneimneh ZN, Heeringa SG, Tourangeau R, Elliott, MR (2014). Bridging Psychometrics and Survey Methodology: Can Mixed Rasch Models Identify Socially Desirable Reporting Behavior. Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology, 2:257-282.

Pennell BE, Mneimneh ZN, Bowers A, Chardoul S,Wells JE, Viana MC, Dinkelmann K, Gebler N, Florescu S, He Y, Huang Y, Tomov T, and Vilagut G (2008). Implementation of the World Mental Health Surveys. In : The WHO Mental Health Surveys. Kessler R and Ustun B (Eds). Cambridge University Press, NY, USA.

Karam EG, Mneimneh ZN, Karam AN, Fayyad JA, Nasser SC, Chaterji S, Kessler RC (2006). Prevalence and treatment of mental disorders in Lebanon: a national epidemiologic survey. Lancet, 367:1000-1006.

Current Research Projects

The Social Science and Social Media Collaborative

Improving the Survey Quality in Qatar: Evaluating Interviewer’s Role in Establishing Privacy and its Effect on Survey Response

World Mental Health Survey Initiative

Saudi National Health and Stress Survey (PI: Yasmin Al-Twaijri)