Philip Brenner

Email Address: 

Research Fellow, Survey Methodology, ISR

Philip Brenner received a Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. His research interests are situated at the intersection of sociological social psychology and survey methodology, including identity processes in the survey interview, overreporting of socially desirable behaviors, time diary methods, and measurement of religiosity. His current research investigates the overreporting of religious service attendance in conventional sample surveys cross-nationally and over time.

Selected Publications:

Brenner, Philip S.  2011.  “Exceptional Behavior or Exceptional Identity?  Overreporting of Church Attendance in the US.”  Public Opinion Quarterly 75:19-41.

 Brenner, Philip S.  2011.  “Identity Importance and the Overreporting of Religious Service Attendance:  Multiple Imputation of Religious Attendance using American Time Use Study and the General Social Survey.”  Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 50:103-115.

 Brenner, Philip S.  2011.  “Investigating the Biasing Effect of Identity in Self-Reports of Socially Desirable Behavior.” Sociological Focus 44:55-75.